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Cooperative Gardening with Molly and Kate

Cooperative Gardening with Molly and Kate

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Week 1

Traditional Gardening

Selecting and Planting Seeds


Seed planting trays

Any kind of container will work as a seed starting trays – Sour cream container, red solo cup, etc.

Potting mix – Seed starting mix is best. Coco Coir brick are an easy and inexpensive way to make a large amount of soil for inexpensive.

Boiling Water

Popsicle sticks and marker for making seed labels

Link to Week 1 Video:

Hydroponic Gardening

Basics of Hydroponic Gardening



Growing Medium - rock wool is recommended

pot or tray to place growing medium in

Grow Lights

pH test strips

Vinegar and/or baking soda to get a water pH of 5.5

Supplies can be purchased at many local suppliers or at an online retailer like Amazon.

Hydroponics Overview
Large Scale Hydroponics

Types of Hydroponic Setup


Week 2

Traditional Gardening

Poop and Potatoes

Link to video:

Supplies and Resources list coming soon! 

Hydroponic Gardening

Types of Hydroponic Systems


Last updated April 17, 2020