The Chautauqua Produce Auction is holding Retail Auctions every Monday at 5pm through June

The Chautauqua Produce Auction is holding Retail Auctions every Monday at 5pm through June

Retail Produce Auction Announced

Chautauqua Produce Auction makes buying local foods easier for consumers

-by Emily Reynolds, Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County

JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK (June 12, 2017) -- Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s Agricultural Program is excited to announce the that the Chautauqua Produce Auction is now featuring a retail auction in addition to their wholesale opportunities. Cornell Cooperative Extension provides technical support to the Produce Auction and its growers.

A new feature at this year’s Chautauqua Produce Auction is the addition of a retail auction, to be held on Monday evenings, which provide an opportunity for consumers to buy smaller quantities at retail prices. Monday Auctions begin at 5 pm, and will continue through June with the potential to continue through the season based on interest. The Chautauqua Produce Auction is located in Clymer at 7844 Route 474. The standard wholesale auctions are every Tuesday and Friday throughout the season, typically May through October, starting at 10am.

The new Monday events will still follow an auction format, but produce will be sold in smaller quantities. This will allow the general public to enjoy smaller quantities that will serve 1-2 people for preservation or consumption. For example, during these retail auctions the buyer who wins the bid may choose one, two or three plants rather than having to buy a whole lot of ten plants as they must do at the Tuesday and Friday wholesale auctions. The Produce Auction operates like a typical auction, but there are many people around to help a new buyer establish an account and learn about the bidding process. Examples of what you might find at a Monday auction include hanging baskets, 4" pots of flowers, flats of flowers or vegetables, patio tomatoes, eggs, rhubarb, strawberries, baked goods, gardening supplies or planters. A small food stand is also available. There is adequate parking and loading docks available as well.

The wholesale auction has been an asset to our community since 2003, and offers fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, flowers, and other items that are sourced from local growers, primarily from Chautauqua County. They follow a strict food safety plan that is certified yearly and includes a traceability policy for all fruits and vegetables sold at the auction. You can learn more about the Chautauqua Produce Auction by contacting Nancy Westerberg at 716-499-6391 or

Chautauqua County is home to over 1,500 farms, and more than 100 are selling their products directly to consumers, through farm stores, roadside stands, the Chautauqua Produce Auction, and farmers markets. For a complete listing of Chautauqua County farm stands and farmers markets, or to learn more about the Produce Auction, please visit Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Local Food Guide, “Chautauqua Grown”, online at

Support to the Chautauqua Produce Auction is one of many programs offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County (CCE-Chautauqua). CCE-Chautauqua is a subordinate governmental agency with an educational mission that operates under a form of organization and administration approved by Cornell University as agent for the State of New York. It is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The association is part of the national cooperative extension system, an educational partnership between County, State, and Federal governments. As New York’s land grant university Cornell administers the system in this state. Each Cornell Cooperative Extension association is an independent employer that is governed by an elected Board of Directors with general oversight from Cornell. All associations work to meet the needs of the counties in which they are located as well as state and national goals. For more information, call 716-664-9502 or visit our website at Cornell University Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities.

Last updated June 12, 2017