Emily Reynolds, CCE Executive Director presenting a donation check to Shannon Bessette, Co-leader of the JCC-Community Garden at JCC.  Also standing nearby is Patricia Martonis, Master Gardener volunteer, Susanne Bloom, Master Gardener Program President, Reg Boutwell, Master Gardener volunteer, Tom Meara, Co-leader of the JCC-Community Garden at JCC (not pictured)

The Chautauqua County Master Gardeners recently made a donation to the Community Gardens

Master Gardeners Recognize Community Garden with a Donation

Jamestown, NY (May 27, 2021) - Community gardening is alive and serving the gardening public. The Chautauqua County Master Gardeners, to demonstrate support of the Jamestown Community Col-lege Community Garden, donated $150 towards materials for the reconstruction of raised gardening beds and gardens maintenance. The original beds were constructed with the assistance of BOCES at the opening of the gardens in 2012 and are now in need of replacement. The labor for reconstruction was donated by the Community Garden volunteers Tom Meara and Dan Zabala. These gardens are open to the general public for the season at a nominal subscription fee. Currently all the garden beds are subscribed at JCC for the 2021 season. Also, there are other community gardens in Jamestown op-erated by the Jamestown Public Market in association with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church with locations at the corner of Washington and 8th Street and the corner Lakeview and 6th Street.

The Master Gardener program will be using the JCC-Community Garden as their demonstration site beginning this year. The community demonstration garden program will offer beds tended by Master Gardener volunteers using suggested types of plantings, and gardening with proven techniques. Also, at 6:00 pm on the third Wednesday of the month, through September, the area is open to the public for an instructional session called “Evening in the Gardens”. This space is also used to support the Seed to Supper training, targeted to beginner gardeners. Please call Cornell Cooperative Extension at 644-9502 for more information. The Chautauqua County Master Gardener program is part of the Cor-nell Cooperative Extension. The volunteers of the Master Gardeners provide assistance and training to the general public and community gardens of Chautauqua County.

The Master Gardener Program is one of many programs offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County (CCE-Chautauqua). CCE-Chautauqua is a subordinate governmental agency with an educational mission that operates under a form of organization and administration approved by Cornell University as agent for the State of New York. It is tax-exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The association is part of the national cooperative extension system, an edu-cational partnership between County, State, and Federal governments. As New York’s land grant uni-versity Cornell administers the system in this state. Each Cornell Cooperative Extension association is an independent employer that is governed by an elected Board of Directors with general oversight from Cornell. All associations work to meet the needs of the counties in which they are located as well as state and national goals. For more information, call 716-664-9502 or visit our website at www.cce.cornell.edu/chautauqua. Cornell University Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities.

Last updated May 28, 2021