One of our Snack Bar Junior Superintendents, Matthew Brown

One of our Snack Bar Junior Superintendents, Matthew Brown

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

DUNKIRK, NY (July 19, 2022) The 4-H Snack Bar at The Chautauqua County Fair is the place you want to go for good food and good service at a good price, with all proceeds going to a great cause! Long time fair goers know the best place to get a great meal at the fair is at the 4-H Snack Bar, while also being able to get out of the sun with picnic tables located in the shade. The 4-H Snack Bar is located behind the Conservation Building.

This year when you decide to come to the snack bar, you will notice that the inside looks a lot newer! The snack bar got a makeover this year thanks to our good friends and lifelong supporters of 4-H, Dan and Louis Smith, of Daniel D Smith Construction in Silver Creek, NY.

The Snack Bar opens at 7:00am each morning of fair with a full fare of breakfast menu items and smiling 4-H faces to greet you! Lunch and dinner have delicious items as well as the famous 4-H Milkshakes. The Snack Bar stocks its inventory from local vendors who help support 4-H.

The real benefit of the 4-H Snack Bar is the benefit it is for the 4-H’ers. Youth from 8-19 not only serve the public, but they also gain valuable experience in the food service and customer service areas. All animal project areas enjoy a friendly barn challenge every year to see who “works” the greatest number of hours in the Snack Bar, and 4-H clubs are encouraged to help too! The 4-H youths benefit from this as well since it is a fundraising effort for the whole 4-H program.

So, when you head down to the County Fair, come to the Snack Bar!

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Last updated July 19, 2022