4-H Poultry Project Youth showing off their chickens.

4-H Poultry Project Youth showing off their chickens.

The Exhibition Poultry Youth do “Eggcellent”

DUNKIRK, NEW YORK (July 23, 2023) – The Chautauqua County 4-H Exhibition Poultry Project held their annual show at the Chautauqua County fair on July 18th. Nine youth aged 8-18 years old exhibited 30 chickens and 9 ducks. The show was judged by Rick Hare of Springingville.

In Showmanship, the youth demonstrate their knowledge of their animal and answer various questions about poultry in general. The results of the showmanship competition were:

Cloverbud class (5-8years):Anthony Valvo

Novice (first time showmen):Emma Ribaudo – 1st Place

Lexus Eschenbach 2nd Place

Junior (9-13 years):Caitlyn Kriner 1st Place

Senior (14-18 years):Madison Cresanti 1st Place

Genevieve Smith 2nd Place

Grand champion overall showman was Madison Cresanti, while Genevieve Smith took the reserve spot.

In the poultry breed show, birds are judged against the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection for body type, color correctness, and overall condition. This year, the Best of Show bird was a Rose Comb White Leghorn Bantam hen shown by Genevieve Smith. Genevieve also took Reserve Best of Show honors with her Black Old English Game bantam hen. While Genevieve’s birds also took Best and Reserve champion bantam, Caitlyn Kriner took Best and Reserve Large Fowl with her Cayuga drake and duck. The breed class results are as follows:

Cloverbud Champion:Ameraucana owned by Anthony Valvo

Waterfowl Champion:Cayuga duck owned by Caitlyn Kriner

Egg Production Campion:Australorpe hen owned by Madison Cresanti

American Class Champion:Dominique hen owned by Everett LeBarron

Asiatic Class Champion: Cochin cock owned by Everett LeBarron

AOSB Class Champion:Ameraucana pullet owned by Emma Ribaudo

Game Bantam Champion: Old English Game owned by Genevieve Smith

Clean Legged Champion:RC White Leghorn owned by Genevieve Smith

Feather Leg Bantam:Genevieve Smith

4-H Poultry Project Youth showing off their chickens.

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Last updated July 24, 2023