Johnson Estate Winery is Chautauqua Grown!
Image by Photo Courtesy of Johnson Estate Winery

Johnson Estate Winery


8419 West Main Road

Westfield, NY 14787



Hours of Operation: Open Daily, 10am to 6pm.

Founded in 1961, Johnson’s is the oldest estate winery in New York. When you approach Johnson Estate Winery, housed in a nearly century-old apple packing facility, pause for a moment. Look south at the rolling vineyards as they climb up the old glacial ridges of pre-historic Lake Erie. This is the land that William Peacock, the original land agent for all of western NY, chose as his own. This is the farm where Frederick Johnson, an English immigrant, settled in 1908 to grow apples grapes and peaches. Now, three generations later, this barn-red building houses Johnson Estate Winery, which celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2011.

So, just what does it mean to be an “Estate” winery? It means that you grow your own grapes the way the winemaker wants them to be grown, from start to finish. Quality is enforced from bud to bottle, with every detail under the winemaker's careful scrutiny. All of Johnson Estate wines, currently more than 30 wines made now, benefit from this attention, including its dry European classic wines, French-hybrid and American wines, and specialty wines including red and white ice wines.

Johnson Estate’s 200+ acre farm boasts 115 acres of vineyards where 13 varieties of wine grapes are grown, including four Labrusca, six French-American hybrids, and 3 vinifera. Each generation has expanded the vineyards, with current owners, Fred and Jennifer Johnson, have added Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Johnson Estate Winery is always ready to welcome you and to explain the wines and the wine-making process. The comfortable and historic tasting room also houses a fine gift shop. After a bit of tasting and shopping, feel free to take a stroll around the grounds. Take your time, and savor the peace and beauty.


Katelyn Walley-Stoll
Team Leader, Business Management Specialist

Last updated June 7, 2017