Sparkling Ponds Winery is Chautauqua Grown!
Image by Courtesy Photo.

Sparkling Ponds Winery


10661 West Lake Road

Ripley, NY 14775




Hours of Operation: Open Sunday through Thursday, 11am - 4:30 pm. Friday through Saturday, 11am - 6pm.

At Sparkling Ponds Winery, they believe that wine tasting should be more than just sampling a few wines. It should be a Sparkling Experience! When you come to Sparkling Ponds Winery, you can expect your visit to be relaxing, pleasurable and above all FUN!

The love of wine is a long-standing Carrara Family Tradition. Richard Carrara grew up in an entirely Italian coal mining community where bragging rights were hard won when it came to good food and good wine, particularly one called Dago Red. Years later, as a business owner, Dick found himself making wine for fun in his offices. He enthusiastically offered a glass of wine to everyone who walked in the front door!

In 2010, he decided to share his love of great tasting wine by branching off from the family steel fabricating and erecting business when the opportunity became available to purchase a small, little-known “hobby” winery located on the shores of Lake Erie, situated in the heart of Great Lakes Wine Country. In a nod to Dick’s generations of wine making, the first of many of Sparkling Ponds Winery’s mainstays was created and Carrara Cellars’ Dago Red wine was reborn. Come out and see why many of their loyal Italian customers give this wine two thumbs up!

After much research and planning and along with some exciting renovations, Sparkling Ponds Winery was reinvented under the watchful eye of Richard Carrara and his wife Tami. The first thing that was renovated was their mood! They’ve gone from being just another “wine tasting” stop to a great time with a little wine tasting on the side!

They invite you to come experience how wine tasting was meant to be. It’s not unusual to see their guests sitting in their gazebo overlooking their sparkling pond enjoying the fountain and a glass of wine, chilling outside at one of their quaint café tables or hanging out by the fire pit sharing a few laughs. Sparkling Ponds Winery offers one of their area’s best wine tasting experiences. For a small flat fee, you get to try everything they offer including food pair samplings and their delightful semi-frozen Frappe Vino “Wine Slushie”. They believe you deserve to have a Sparkling Experience. Come see why time and again their winery visitors call us the “Fun Winery”. The fun you have and the memories you make are free!


Katelyn Walley-Stoll
Team Leader, Business Management Specialist

Last updated June 7, 2017