Chautauqua Grown

Green Banks Fresh Produce


Two Locations: 1394 Route 83 and 1379 Cassadaga Road

South Dayton, NY 14138


Hours of Operation: 

Daily when produce is available

Green Banks Fresh Produce is managed by Tyler Crowell, the son of Dan and Anna Crowell. Tyler had always wanted to sell sweet corn like his Grandpa and Grandma did but now his uncle has taken over. While he was at his Grandma’s house, without any prompting from anyone, he questioned his uncle about which variety to plant, how many seeds to plant, how much fertilizer to use, etc. and made him write it in a notebook for him so he could take it home to his dad. In 2019, at the age of 7 he finally convinced his mom and dad to help him get started. 

Tyler’s primary focus was on selling sweet corn but he also sold some zucchini and squash that he had fun growing. He hopes in the future to add rhubarb in the spring to his stands. He has one stand on Route 83 and another at their farm on Cassadaga Rd. Sweet corn is picked fresh every day and available on the stand daily when in season. 

If you need large quantities for parties or freezing, please call or email ahead of time and we will have it picked fresh, bagged and set aside for you.


Katelyn Walley-Stoll
Team Leader, Business Management Specialist

Last updated June 2, 2022