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Our Area Farms

With so many farms in our area, it can be hard to decide where to start! Be sure to check out our interactive Chautauqua Grown map and view different sorting options here. Let us know if we can help!

Farms by Alphabetical Order

All of our farms on the Chautauqua Grown directory in an easy to browse list – see where your next shopping trip or food supplier where be!

Farms by Town

Although spending a day taking a drive across the county to view the amazing scenery and diverse agricultural offerings may sound ideal, some nights you just need to pick something up quick for dinner! Check out our farms listed by town in the area to find those closest to you – they’ll quickly be a staple supplier for you and your family.

Farms by Products Offered

Many of the farms in Chautauqua County offer a variety of products, but depending on what you’re looking for, this directory should be able to put you in the right direction! Check out categories such as U-Pick, Produce (Fruits and Vegetables), Meats, Flowers, Fall Decorations, CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), and Maple/Honey.

Farms on Facebook!

Facebook can be a great way to connect with our area farms quickly and to share your favorite spots with your friends and online community! Check out our local farms on Facebook today and see what the latest news is fresh from the farm.


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Agricultural Coordinator
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Last updated December 5, 2023