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Why Buy Local?

Fresh. Eating locally guarantees freshness. Locally grown produce is usually harvested no more than twenty-four hours prior to purchasing—bringing to the table crisp, fresh vegetables at the height of their nutritional value.

Taste. Produce picked and eaten fresh tastes better. Even a week’s delay in reaching the table will cause food to shrink and lose flavor. Many of our local farmers use heritage varieties, which tend to have more flavor and remind us of the garden vegetables and fruits of years ago.

Safe. Knowing and trusting the folks who grow your food provides for more purity without the use of undesirable chemical residual on harvested food. E-coli and salmonella bacteria are less likely to be found in local food sources.

Variety. Local farmers offer a wider variety of produce that we need to stay healthy. Just visit one of our many farm stands in Chautauqua County to find out!

Economy. The purchase of locally grown food puts money into local economies. Studies have shown that every dollar spent with a local food business generates up to $2.50 in additional local economic activity.

Community. Buying local builds long-term mutually beneficial relationships between food producers and food buyers, and reconnects eaters with the source of their food. You can also protect farmland and open space from development by keeping family agriculture a vibrant and competitive use of land.

Environment. Most food in the United States travels an average of 1500 miles before it reaches our table. Buying local reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Small family farms typically take a less intensive approach to producing food and use fewer synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, and if they do use chemicals, follow Integrated Pest Management.

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Rose Clarke
Agricultural Coordinator
716-664-9502 Ext 202

Last updated November 30, 2023