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4-H Youth Fair

Cornell Cooperative Extension is planning a youth fair in lieu of the Chautauqua County Fair. 

This event is currently in the planning phase and the schedule and rules may be subject to change at any time based on guidance from Cornell and New York State. 

  • The event is scheduled to take place July 21-25, 2021 at the Chautauqua County Fair. 
  • This event is for Chautauqua County 4-H Youth participants and their immediate families only with the exception of pre-registered bidders for the Meat Animal Sale.
  • Any people on the grounds, (4-H youth and their families, volunteers, judges), will be required to follow COVID 19 safety protocols which may include social distancing, mask wearing, and daily health screening.
  • Youth will not be required to participate in the Youth Show to complete the 4-H year. 
  • There are no entry fees and no premiums. 
  • Non-meat animals may be released after their show at the committee's discretion.
  • Families may be required to clean up their pens/stalls before they leave. 
  • The 4-H Meat Animal Sale is scheduled for Saturday, July 24th at 12:00pm at the Warren K. Brown Show Arena (main arena). Bidders will be required to pre-register. More info TBA.
  • Shows will be livestreamed thanks to DFT. 
  • Camping may be available. Youth will not be allowed to sleep in the barn. The Chautauqua County Fair Board is managing camping. 
Proposed Show Schedule
Day Date Arena Time Show
Wednesday 7/21/2021 Move In
Thursday 7/22/2021 Small Animal AM Goat
Thursday 7/22/2021 Main AM
Thursday 7/22/2021 Small Animal PM
Thursday 7/22/2021 Main PM Hog
Friday 7/23/2021 Poultry Barn AM Exhibition Poultry
Friday 7/23/2021 Main AM Dairy
Friday 7/23/2021 Small Animal PM Beef
Friday 7/23/2021 Main PM Sheep
Saturday 7/24/2021 Small Animal AM
Saturday 7/24/2021 Main AM
Saturday 7/24/2021 Main PM Meat Animal Sale
Sunday 7/25/2021 Meat Animal Release AM
Rabbit Show date and time TBA

. Please note that "AM" and "PM" are generalities. More concrete times will be advertised at a later date.

Plans for project exhibition are in the works. 


Kate Ewer
4-H Community Educator, Chautauqua Grown
716-664-9502 ext. 212

Last updated June 21, 2021