Hope Catanese, February 2017 SuperYouth

Hope Catanese, February 2017 SuperYouth

Jordyn Majka, January 2017 4-H SuperYouth

Jordyn Majka, January 2017 4-H SuperYouth

Anna Talbot, December 4-H SuperYouth
Image by Lea Ann Talbot

Anna Talbot, December 4-H SuperYouth

Melinda Waag, Novmeber 4-H SuperYouth
Image by Kim Waag

Melinda Waag, Novmeber 4-H SuperYouth

Jacob Lesch, October 4-H SuperYouth
Image by Heather Lesch

Jacob Lesch, October 4-H SuperYouth

Holly Crandall, September 4-H SuperYouth

Holly Crandall, September 4-H SuperYouth

Garrett Catanese, August 4-H SuperYouth

Garrett Catanese, August 4-H SuperYouth

Emily Brown, July 4-H SuperYouth
Image by William Brown

Emily Brown, July 4-H SuperYouth

Steven Overend, June 4-H SuperYouth
Image by Sue Overend

Steven Overend, June 4-H SuperYouth

Abbey Jantzi, May 4-H SuperYouth

Abbey Jantzi, May 4-H SuperYouth

Alyssa Crandall, April 4-H SuperYouth

Alyssa Crandall, April 4-H SuperYouth

Liz Comstock, March 4-H SuperYouth

Liz Comstock, March 4-H SuperYouth

Brandon Decker, February 4-H SuperYouth
Image by CCE-Chautauqua

Brandon Decker, February 4-H SuperYouth

Braden Lesch, January 4-H SuperYouth

Braden Lesch, January 4-H SuperYouth

Sarah Osborne, December 4-H SuperYouth

Sarah Osborne, December 4-H SuperYouth

Kenny Marion, March 4-H SuperYouth

Kenny Marion, March 4-H SuperYouth

Andrew Waag, April 4-H SuperYouth

Andrew Waag, April 4-H SuperYouth

Sara Holthouse, May 4-H SuperYouth

Sara Holthouse, May 4-H SuperYouth

Alyssa Graziano, June 4-H SuperYouth

Alyssa Graziano, June 4-H SuperYouth

Dexter Ormond, September 4-H SuperYouth

Dexter Ormond, September 4-H SuperYouth

Heidi Moss, September 4-H SuperYouth

Heidi Moss, September 4-H SuperYouth

4-H SuperYouth

4-H'ers are the superheroes of the future. 4-H youth in Chautauqua County do great things in and out of 4-H. Each month we will recognize a youth for his or her accomplishments. Congratulations to all nominees!

September 2017

Heidi Moss

Heidi Moss has been a member of the Chautauqua County Dairy Program for 9 years. Through 4-H, she has participated in showing cows at the local county fairs and the New York State Fair; dairy judging at the county, state and national levels; dairy bowl; Dairy Discovery Program; Visit the Farm Day; and Agriculture Literacy Week. Heidi has been showing her registered Brown Swiss and Ayrshire dairy cattle at the Chautauqua County Fair for the last 9 years.

Heidi is very involved on her family’s dairy farm, helping care for the calves and heifers daily. She is also learning how to use the technology and data generated from the “automated milking system or robots” to manage the dairy herd. Heidi is excited to continue to learn about new technologies in agriculture and looks forward to attending Morrisville State College next fall to study dairy science.

Heidi was recently selected to participate in the 2017-2018 Cornell Junior Dairy Leader program, recently traveling to the World Dairy Expo and National 4-H Dairy Conference, in Madison Wisconsin. Heidi was also selected based upon her outstanding dairy judging skills, to represent New York State on the National 4-H Dairy Judging Team competing in Louisville, Kentucky in early November 2017.

Heidi has truly developed a passion and love for agriculture and dairy industry. She enjoys promoting the dairy industry and informing the public about agriculture. Through showing dairy cattle, Heidi has developed a strong work ethic, responsibility of caring for her dairy cattle, and has been able to see her hard work pay off through numerous achievements. Heidi has served as a Junior Superintendent for the 4-H Dairy Barn for the past two years, helping other 4-H members at the fair. Some of her favorite memories of showing cows are the friends she has made and getting to help the younger members. According to Lisa Kempisty, Extension Educator, “I have had the pleasure to know and work with Heidi throughout her 4-H career and have seen Heidi mature into a hardworking, intelligent young woman with a passion for agriculture, always learning new information and eager to help others.”

Heidi is a senior at Pine Valley Central School where she is very active in FFA, Envirothon, and serves as chapter vice president of Honor Society. She currently serves as president of her FFA chapter and enjoys her agriculture class activities, including helping with the school garden, road cleanup and tractor day. Heidi has competed in multiple public speaking events on the district and sub state level. Through FFA, she has attended several leadership conferences and two state conventions. It is very important to Heidi to be involved in FFA because she has been able to meet other adults and kids who share a passion for agriculture. Heidi also has an appreciation for music, as she has been playing and studying piano for the past 10 years.She has also been recognized in competitive swimming with the Pine Valley Swim Club for the past five years and served as a lifeguard for two years.

Heidi’s strong work ethic, leadership skills, increased personal growth through her many 4-H activities, and interest to help others learn about agriculture make her a true 4-H SuperYouth!

August 2017

Dexter Ormond

Dexter has been involved in 4-H for 11 years. He is active in the dairy project and just finished serving his second year as a junior superintendent in the 4-H Dairy Barn at the Chautauqua County Fair. Dexter truly shines as a junior superintendent and is very willing to help wherever needed. He is a role model for many younger participants and eagerly helps with any task that needs done to better the 4-H dairy barn.

At this year’s county fair, Dexter was asked by a 4-H DairyBud for help showing her calf in the show ring. According to the 4-H member’s mother, “My daughter wanted Dexter to help her because he was a great showman (she had just watched him show) and Dexter helped her all the time and he was very nice. My daughter spent hours talking with Dexter, learning from him throughout the fair week, he was patient and not once did he ignore or act bothered by her. Dexter is a perfect example of a good 4-H’er to look up to.”

Having been raised on a dairy farm, Dexter’s life has always revolved around agriculture and his family. 4-H and Junior Holstein Club are farm related activities that take up a large part of Dexter’s time. Dexter always fulfills his responsibilities on the farm before taking part in any other activities. These chores on his family’s dairy farm include: Field work, equipment operator (cleaning barns, feeding cows and heifers), working with the automated milking system (robot milkers), and working with the dairy animals. Dexter has learned so much from his parents and grandfather, working on his family’s dairy farm, which has helped develop his interest to further study agriculture in college.

Dexter is also active in the 4-H Dairy Youth Explorers Career Exploration Program. According to Lisa Kempisty, Extension Educator, who facilitates the Dairy Youth Explorer program, “Dexter is always eager to learn new information and is a role model to other youth in the program. His easy going, pleasant personality and contagious friendly smile makes him such a pleasure to know and work with! Dexter Ormond is truly one of the most outstanding 4-H youth I have worked with throughout my 30+ year career assisting with the Chautauqua County 4-H dairy program.”

Outside of 4-H, Dexter is a recent graduate of Falconer Central School where he was active in wrestling, cross country, baseball, honor society, and math club, receiving many awards for his outstanding achievements throughout high school. Dexter eagerly began his collage studies last month at Pennsylvania State Behrend to pursue a degree in agriculture engineering.

Dexter’s positive work ethic, increased personal growth, and caring personality to help other

4-H members learn and achieve make him a true 4-H SuperYouth!

June 2017

Alyssa Graziano

Sixteen year-old Alyssa has been in 4-H for nine years and is a member of the Fredonia Star Riders and Country Critters 4-H Clubs. She has served as both treasurer and secretary in her club. She excels in the woodworking and ceramics life-skills projects and has completed five public presentations.

Alyssa has been in the rabbit project for nine years and the poultry and horse projects for four years. She has been a member of the Quadrille team for two years and joined Horse Bowl this year. Alyssa has served as a dedicated junior superintendent in the rabbit barn for three years and in the horse barn for one year. Alyssa is a voice for her peers on the Rabbit and Horse committees.

Recognizing her growth within the rabbit and horse projects volunteers awarded Alyssa the Milestone Award in the rabbit project and the Stepping Stone Award in the horse project. At the County Fair Alyssa won Junior Herdsman for taking exceptional care of her rabbit during the week. She also received Best in Show at the New York State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show in 2015.

Alyssa is a junior at Forestville Central School where she is a member of National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. She plays the tenor saxophone in the Jazz band and plays tenor sax and base clarinet in the pit band for school plays and musicals. She has played softball for eight years and has been on the bowling team for four years.

Alyssa is a member of the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) and goes to many shows in the Northeast. She is also a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) and participates in horse shows across the Southern Tier. Alyssa’s dedication to each of her unique interests make her a 4-H SuperYouth. Congratulations, Alyssa!

May 2017

Sara Holthouse

Sara has been in 4-H for ten years and is a member of the Clymer Eager Beavers 4-H Club. She enjoys the knitting, cake decorating, story writing, and sewing projects.

Sara is very active in the Dairy project and has served as a junior superintendent in the Dairy barn since 2015. She received the Reserve Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn in the open show at the Chautauqua County Fair in 2014 and received the Reserve Grand Champion Lineback in the 4-H and Open Show at the Chautauqua County Fair in 2016.

A senior at Clymer Central School Sara has participated on the Clymer/Sherman bowling team since 2013 and went to sectionals in 2016. She is a member of FFA where she served as historian in the 2016-2017 school year and she will receive her Empire Degree this year. At Districts she qualified for sub-states in extemporaneous speaking. Sara was also a part of the first place FFA Dairy Judging Team at the Chautauqua County Fair and the sixth place FFA Dairy Judging team at the New York State Fair. Sara is a member of the National Honor Society where she is currently serving as historian.

Outside of 4-H Sara loves to write fiction novels. She is heading to Allegheny College in the fall and is double-majoring in creative writing and environmental science. Sara’s quiet confidence and passion for all that she commits to make her a 4-H SuperYouth. Congratulations. Sara!

Sara Holthouse, May SuperYouth

April 2017

Andrew Waag

Andrew started 4-H as a Cloverbud and has been a member for six years. He is a member of the Fredonia Fireworks 4-H Club where he has served as both president and vice-president. Andrew is very active in club projects and enjoys the horticulture, woodworking, conservation, aerospace, recycling, creative crafts, communications and expressive arts, robotics, foods, and electrical projects. Andrew has also completed community service with his club and is a skilled public speaker. He was selected for Western District public presentations twice and received a Stepping Stone award in 2011 for public presentations.

Andrew has also received a Milestone Award in 2015 in Communications and Expressive arts. His antler lamp was selected as a State Fair exhibit and he also received a Special Judge’s award for an Adirondack table that he made in 2016.

A freshman Honor Roll student at Fredonia High School Andrew is active in Chamber Choir, Symphonic and Jazz Band. He has participated and starred in five musicals! Andrew has sang in the Chautauqua Children’s Chorale for four years as well. He is active on the track team and competes in discus and shot put.

Outside of 4-H Andrew loves to read and create with Legos. He has held a leadership role in Fredonia’s Impact Club and is a member of the Harvest Chapel WIRED youth group. Andrew has participated in the Quest backpacking club and is interested in camping, kayaking, and traveling. He is planning on pursuing a career in instrumental education and plans to continue to participate in theater productions.

March 2017

Kenny Marion

Kenny has been in 4-H for four years and is a member of the “Stow”-A-Way Kids 4-H club where he is the president. He was chosen to represent Chautauqua County at the western district public presentation contest in 2017. Kenny’s true passion lies in the rabbit project where he shows and breeds Tan rabbits. In 2014 Kenny received Best in Show at the Chautauqua County Fair and in 2016 won Reserve Best in Show. Kenny received best in show at the New York State Fair in 2016. He is an excellent showman and has received grand and reserve grand champion rabbit showman at the Chautauqua County Fair. Kenny also received the most improved 4-Her award in 2014.

Kenny is a junior at Jamestown High School. He is active in the Cattaraugus County Rabbit Breeders Association where he is the vice president. He is also a district director for the American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club. His hobbies include horseback riding, camping, biking, fishing geocaching, archery, wildlife tracking and of course showing rabbits.

Kenny’s passion for the project is evident. He is a wealth of knowledge about raising rabbits and the Tan rabbit breed and is always willing to share what he knows with his peers and the public. Kenny’s dedication to the rabbit project is what makes him a 4-H SuperYouth! Congraulations, Kenny.

February 2017

Hope Catanese

Hope Catanese has been in 4-H for eight years. She’s currently a member of the Cassadaga Fireflies 4-H club where she enjoys a variety of life-skills projects. Hope is active in the sheep and steer project and has joined the goat project this year. She has previously participated in the hog project for six years.

Hope has shown an increased interest in the heifer project which involves raising a heifer and breeding selectively to increase the quality of her offspring. This is a challenging project because it takes over two years to complete but Hope is up for the challenge! In 2014 she raised the Champion Born and Raised Heifer which is a special show held at the Chautauqua County Fair each year for beef cattle born and raised in Chautauqua County. In the sheep project Hope raised the Grand Champion Ewe in 2009 and raises quality market animals each year.

At the Chautauqua County Fair Hope has served as a Junior Superintendent-in-Training in the sheep barn for two years and served as a Junior Superintendent for one year. Hope has a generous heart and donated a portion of the sale of her 2016 4-H lamb to Barb’s Battle, a benefit for her late aunt Barb Hoyt.

At Cassadaga Middle School Hope is in the tenth grade. She maintains a 97% average and is currently a member of the trap team where she shot a 25 her first year. She has participated on the softball team and in competitive cheerleading. Hope is working hard to get into Cornell to pursue a career in Veterinary Science. In her free time Hope enjoys hunting, working, and working with and learning new things about her animals. Hope’s positive attitude and humble, hardworking demeanor are what make her a 4-H SuperYouth!

Hope Catanese, February 4-H SuperYouth

January 2017

Jordyn Majka

Jordyn has been involved in 4-H for six years. She’s a member of the Chautauqua Fireworks 4-H club where she has held the roles of pledge leader, secretary, treasurer, and vice president. Jordyn’s favorite projects are creative crafts, photography, conservation, woodworking, and fine arts.

At the Chautauqua County Fair Jordyn is a champion in the show ring and among her peers. She has received the Champion Senior Sheep Lead Line showman and the Champion Tunis and Reserve Grand Champion Ewe. She’s placed in the top 5 in livestock judging. Jordyn received the Outstanding Junior Superintendent award in recognition of the example she sets for her peers, her willingness to help others, and how she promotes the program to the public. She has been awarded Stepping Stone and Milestone Awards in the Sheep Project which measure growth within the project.

A senior at Chautauqua Lake Central School Jordyn is a member of the National Honor Society, has been on the varsity swim team for six years and has been a New York State Scholar Athlete for four. She is also a member of the varsity bowling team and manages the girls’ basketball and softball teams. Jordyn is in Chorus, FFA, participates in the musical, and contributes to the yearbook.

Jordyn is very active in her community and regularly completes over 300 hours of community service at the food pantries, the SPCA, and other animal rescues. She enjoys camping, swimming, and working on her computer. She wants to work as a veterinary assistant someday.

Jordyn is a remarkable young woman who inspires everyone around her. Diagnosed with Autism before she was two years old, Jordyn is proof that youth with disabilites are capable to do anything! Rennae, Jordyn’s mother, says that caring for and raising animals aids in therapy for Jordyn and other youth with disabilities.

Congratulations to Jordyn Majka, January 4-H SuperYouth!

Jordyn Majka, January 4-H SuperYouth

December 2016

Anna Talbot

Anna Talbot has been a member of the Canadaway 4-H Club for seven years and has enjoyed the opportunities available that allow 4-Hers to grow their knowledge and self-confidence. She has served as a club secretary, vice president, and junior leader and has participated in the club’s community service projects. Anna participates in the club’s crafts, foods, photography, ceramics, and tin punch activities with a number of fair entries in these projects being selected for State Fair exhibit. She enjoys preparing her county presentation each year and has been selected for district presentation three times.

During her seven years in 4-H, Anna has also been an active member of the Goat Program participating as junior barn superintendent for the last three years. She loves sharing what she has learned from her mentors with other interested 4-Hers. Working with her pygmy goats throughout the year to prepare for shows and for harness and pack competition at fair is one of her passions and the work she puts in has shown in the Grand Champion awards she has won in pack, harness, and showmanship competitions. She is most proud of the years she has won the barn herdsman award because she loves spending time with her goats, giving them the care they deserve, and answering questions when visitors come through the barn. She is a junior breeder and member of the National Pygmy Goat Association. For three years she was in the Poultry Program and served as a junior member of the committee for one year.

Outside of 4-H, Anna is an honor roll student at Fredonia High School who has participated in band, jazz band, pit band, ski club, and cross-country. This year, she was inducted into the National Honor Society and Tri-M National Honor Society, a music honor society. She has been selected to be a volunteer junior leader of the Quest Backpacking Club for the past two years and has been selected for All-County Band a number of years. This year, she joined Model UN and her team placed second. She has volunteered at the Chautauqua Mall Haunted House to raise money for local organizations such as the Lakeshore Humane Society and also donated to Locks of Love two times. After high school, she has tentative plans to attend college to pursue a degree in biology or environmental studies.

Anna Talbot, December 4-H SuperYouth

November 2016

Melinda Waag

Mindy has been in 4-H for seven years and is a member of the Fredonia Fireworks 4-H club where she’s served the roles of president and vice president. Mindy is very active in her club and participates in arts and crafts, horticulture, woodworking, conservation, creative needlework aerospace, cake decorating, recycling, robots, communications and expressive arts, foods, photography, clothing and textiles, and public presentations where she received a Milestone Award in 2011.

A talented and dedicated seamstress, Mindy has received a Milestone Award in 2013 and County Medals in 2014 and 2015 in the clothing and textiles project.. She’s received special sewing awards since 2009 and has represented Chautauqua County at the Western District Fashion Revue since 2009. Her creations have been selected for the State Fair Fashion Revue since 2012. Her projects have included two formal gowns, a burgundy wool crepe dress and jacket, and a quilt. This year she sewed an outfit of a wool blend and participated in sheep lead line and the Make it with Wool contest at the Chautauqua County Fair where she took first place. Mindy spends hundreds of hours on her projects and her dedication to the program is evident.

Mindy is an advocate for 4-H and represented the organization at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation’s anniversary event. She spends the week of the Chautauqua County Fair in the 4-H Snack Bar serving as a junior superintendent and makes sure to volunteer her time at the Green Tie Affair each year.

A junior at Fredonia High School, Mindy is on the honor roll and participates in the Chamber Choir and has had roles in two musicals. She’s bene selected for All-County Chorus at the CCMTA winter and spring music festivals. She is a member of the Cross Country, Indoor Track and Field and has won 5th place in the 100m hurdles at the Super Eights Competition and 9th place in the 55m hurdles at the Indoor Track Championships. Mindy is a class representative for student council and was recently chosen to apply for membership in the National Honor Society.

Mindy is an active member of the Harvest Chapel FMC where she participates in the WIRED youth group, has traveled to Honduras on a mission trip, and volunteers at the Nursery and Sunday school. She also worked on a Habitat for Humanity disaster relief team in West Liberty, Kentucky. She was chosen as a leader in the Quest Backpacking club for the 2015-2016 hiking seasons. Mindy loves sewing, quilting, photography, hunting, archery, and hiking. She loves to travel and recently went on a trip to Quebec City. Melinda looks forward to visiting Costa Rica in the next year.

Mindy’s work ethic, desire to succeed, and positive attitude make her a 4-H SuperYouth.


Melinda Waag, November 4-H SuperYouth

October 2016

Jacob Lesch

Jacob Lesch is a ten-year member of the Canadaway 4-H club where he has held the role of president, vice president, and treasurer. He enjoys ceramics and woodworking projects and excels in public presentations. He has given nine presentations at the county level and was selected to give three at the Western District competition. Jacob received a County Medal for Leadership exemplifying mastery of the skill.

Jacob has been in the hog project for eight years and in the beef project for three. He has served as a junior superintendent in the Beef Barn at the Chautauqua County Fair and received a County Medal in the project as well.

Outside of 4-H Jacob is a volunteer at his local church’s AWANA program. He likes to be active and outdoors and can probably be found on a tractor or working with his animals.

A senior at Fredonia High School Jacob is a member of National Honor Society, is the band treasurer, and runs on the varsity cross country team. He was a member of the all county Jazz ensemble in 2015.

Jacob is a youth who exemplifies what 4-H stands for. He is always willing to help in any given situation. His goal is to be a grain farmer and have some animals on the side. Jacob’s dedication to his club, animals, and community are what make him a true SuperYouth!

Jacob Lesch, October 4-H SuperYouth

September 2016

Holly Crandall

Holly began her 4-H journey as a Cloverbud at the age of five and is celebrating ten years with 4-H this year. She is a member of the Wild Oats 4-H club where she has been the treasurer for the past four years. Holly enjoys sewing, cake decorating, leathercraft, foods, ceramics, knitting and crocheting, woodworking, and creative crafts life-skills projects. Holly has participated in the Western District 4-H Public Presentation contest and many of her projects have been selected to go on display at State Fair.

Holly has been a member of the beef project for six years. She has received the County Medal for the beef project and was awarded the most enthusiastic junior beef participant in 2010. She received a Steer or Merit award in 2010, 2012, and 2013. In 2013 and 2014 she received reserve grand champion beef heifer showman, and was awarded distinguished junior beef participant from 2012-2015. Holly serves a junior committee member on the 4-H Beef Project Advisory Committee. This year Holly received the Beef Jr. Superintendent Herdsman award and has been a junior superintendent in the beef barn at the Chautauqua County Fair for two years.

Although Holly has only shown market lambs for two years, in 2015 she received Grand Champion Lamb Showman.

A sophomore honor roll student at Cassadaga Valley Central School, Holly has participated in modified volleyball, basketball, softball, and JV basketball and is captain of her JV volleyball team this year. She is a member of SADD, the wellness committee and was the freshman class historian. Active in FFA, Holly was vice president in 2014 and served as president in 2015. She has competed at sub-State and State FFA competitions. In 2014 Hollhy received the Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award. Holly has been a junior of the Ellington Volunteer Fire Department since 2014.

Holly is proud of her 4-H affiliation and has shared her 4-H experiences with various community organizations and has helped record PSAs for the program. Holly’s drive to succeed is matched by few and she is a leader among her peers. Congratulations, Holly! 

Holly Crandall, September 4-H SuperYouth

August 2016

Garrett Catanese

Fifteen-year-old Garrett has been in 4-H four seven years. He is a member of the Cassadaga Fireflies 4-H club where he enjoys creative craft projects. Garrett also participates in the sheep and market lamb, goat, and market hog projects. In 2015 Garrett received the grand champion meat breeding doe.

At the Chautauqua County Fair, Garrett is a junior superintendent in the 4-H Snack Bar. Snack Bar superintendents are responsible for making sure 4-H families and fairgoers have tasty meals, guide volunteers, run the cash register, and help opening and closing each day. Garrett truly shines as a junior superintendent. He is hard working, dependable, and completes tasks with a smile, and sets an example for his peers with excellent customer service skills.

Garrett has a big heart, too. A portion of the sales of his lamb and goat from the 2016 4-H Meat Animal Sale were donated to his aunt to help cover her medical expenses as she battled lymphoma.

A sophomore honor roll student at Cassadaga Valley Central School, Garrett participates on the golf team and has been on the track team. He also participates in school musicals and was most recently a flying monkey in CVCS’ production of The Wizard of Oz. Garrett has participated in karate for many years and is a junior black belt. He is also a Junior Fireman with the Stockton Volunteer Fire Company.

Garrett is genuine, dedicated to the projects he pursues, has a positive attitude, great work ethic, and is truly a 4-H SuperYouth. Congratulations, Garrett!

Garrett Catanese, August 4-H SuperYouth.

July 2016

Emily Brown

Thirteen year old Emily has participated in Chautauqua County 4-H for 5 years. An active member of the Canadaway 4-H club, she has held the roles of vice president, president, and was most recently secretary. She is active in club projects including horticulture, foods, woodworking, and sewing. She received a Horticulture Special Judges Award in 2013 and 2015. Emily isn’t afraid of taking on challenging sewing projects and has been selected to model at Western District Fashion Review since 2013. This year she was selected to model her fitted warm-up jacket at the State Fair. Various other club projects have been selected for State Fair display since 2012. A qualified public speaker, Emily has received a gold award at the Western District presentation competition since 2010. This year Emily’s presentation, a dramatic interpretation of Abbott and Costello with fellow Canadaway 4-Her Braden Lesch, received a gold award at the state level.

In the rabbit, goat, and dog projects Emily is an excellent showman. She’s received 1st year Junior, Junior, and Reserve Champion showman in the rabbit project. She received a herdsman award in 2014 and 2015 recognizing the excellent care that she provided for her rabbits at the County Fair. Emily has served as a Junior Superintendent for the rabbit barn at the County Fair in 2014 and 2015. She’s also participated in the Rabbit Decathlon at the State Fair. In 2015 she was a member of the 2nd place team and was the sixth place individual. Emily receive Grand Champion Pack Goat in 2015 and always places in the top half of her goat showmanship classes.

A freshman at Fredonia High School this fall, Emily is the 9th grade class representative. Emily is an avid runner and participated on the Varsity Cross country team in the 2014-2015 school year and is was on the varsity indoor and outdoor track teams during the 2015-2016 school year. Her other passions include figure skating and soccer, and Quest Backpacking, musicals, orchestra, Art Club, Learn and Serve, and is in chorus. In 2015 Emily was awarded the Chautauqua Cattaraugus County Runner of the year, Fredonia Varsity Team MVP, WDOE Radio Athlete of the day 2015, 1st Team All County in 2014 and 2015, and earned varsity letters in 2014 and 2015.

Emily’s hard work and dedication to each unique activity that she participates in sets her apart from her peers. Congratulations, Emily!

4-H SuperYouth Emily Brown.

June 2016

Steven Overend

Steven has been a member of the Levant Livewires 4-H club for nine years. He has spent five of those nine years in leadership positions within the club and is active in the sewing, woodworking, foods and creative crafts projects. In recognition of his hard work Steven has been awarded a Stepping Stone, Milestone, and a county medal by the clothing and textiles 4-H advisory committee. In 2012 Steven received a Judge’s Award at the Chautauqua County Fair for his apple pie.

Steven is also active in animal projects. He has been involved with the Hog and Sheep projects for nine years where he has received many awards for his outstanding efforts including receiving Outstanding Junior in both project areas. Steven has also received two stepping stone awards from the hog project which acknowledge that he took on a new challenge, overcame and obstacle, went beyond familiar territory and expresses a positive attitude. He received hog project champion for the 2014-2015 project year which recognizes his overall abilities in the hog project.

In the sheep project Steven has received two lamb of merit awards from the 4-H Sheep Advisory Committee acknowledging his outstanding efforts in the project. He is a Junior Superintendent in the sheep barn at the Chautauqua County Fair and received the Outstanding Jr. Superintendent Award and Outstanding Jr. Shepherd Award in recognition of the high level of care he provides to his animals and how he positively interacts with the public and fellow 4-H youth. Steven was awarded a County Medal by the 4-H Sheep Advisory Committee which is an honor that signifies dedication and mastery of a project.

In the rabbit project for eight years, Steven received a County Medal in 2008.

Steven has raised a steer for the past four years of his 4-H career. In that project he has also been awarded a Milestone award in recognition of his continued growth as well as the Beef Project Champion. He is also part of the two-year heifer project where youth raise a heifer, breed the heifer and then raise the heifer and calf.

As a 4-H Teen Ambassador Steven is a leader among his peers and his creativity and problem-solving skills truly shine. The attention to detail that Steven applies to each of the varied project areas that he participates in is evident. Driven to be the best that he can be, Steven is truly a 4-H SuperYouth.

A senior at Falconer Central School in the fall, Steven is active in cross country, track, ski club, honor society, and College Connections where he received the College Connections Student-of-the-Year. Steven has his sights set on a career in large animal veterinary medicine.

Steven Overend, June 4-H SuperYouth. 

May 2016

Abigail Jantzi

Eighteen year old Abbey has been active in 4-H for eleven years. She was president of the Clymer Eager Beavers 4-H club for four years where she participated in cake decorating, creative crafts, and photography. Abigail’s passion lies in the dairy industry. In the 4-H dairy project Abbey has been a junior superintendent in the Dairy Barn at the Chautauqua County Fair for four years and received the Outstanding Junior Superintendent award. She has been Grand Champion Dairy Showman in a very competitive field. At the World Dairy Exp in Madison, Wisconsin Abigail was a member of the New York State Dairy Judging team and placed eleventh individually. At the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky she was on the New York State team that placed fourth in dairy judging. At the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg Abbey placed third in individual dairy judging.

At Chautauqua Lake Central School Abbey was the co-president of Student Administration, Treasurer of the National Honor Society, Captain of the Varsity Girl’s Swimming and Diving team, a member of High School Bowl, Envirothon, Science Olympiad, band and chorus, and Chorale. Abigail has participated in the Awana church program and Abbe Reformed Church Bible School.

Abbey has just finished her freshman year at Penn State Behrend where she is studying biology. She is a member of the Honors Program, is on the Dean’s List, and is in the National Society of Leadership and Success. She enjoys being a member of the Tone-Acious a Capella group, the Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority and the Agricultural Club.

In her free time Abbey enjoys working with her dairy cows, horseback riding, singing, swimming, and reading. When asked about Abbey Lisa Kempisty, CCE Dairy and Livestock Educator, shared these kind words, “Abbey Jantzi is an outstanding youth who is a positive role model for her peers as well as adults! Abbey is a caring person, always offering and eager to help teach the younger 4-H dairy members about dairy judging, fitting and showing a dairy animal, and maintaining an attractive 4-H dairy display at the fair. Abbey is very respectful of others, and shares her positive outlook and enthusiasm in all that she does. Abbey is a responsible and hardworking young woman who sets goals and strives to achieve them, always learning and sharing along the way. Congratulations to Abigail Jantzi, 4-H SuperYouth!

Abigail Jantzi, May 4-H SuperYouth.

April 2016

Alyssa Crandall

Alyssa Crandall has devoted nearly a decade of her life to Chautauqua County 4-H. Always smiling, always positive, Alyssa has been a super youth from the beginning of her 4-H career.

Seventeen-year-old Alyssa has been a member of 4-H for nine years and is active in the beef, beef heifer, and market lamb projects. The Wild Oats 4-H club has welcomed Alyssa as their leader for 6 years where she has completed sewing, cake decorating, leather craft, foods, woodworking, and creative crafts life-skill projects. Alyssa is a talented public speaker and has given numerous presentations at county presentation day as well as at the Chautauqua County Fair.

The Steer project has held Alyssa’s interest where she volunteers as a junior committee member on the Beef Project Advisory Committee as well as a junior superintendent in the beef barn at the Chautauqua County Fair. In the project she has been awarded the Stepping Stone and Milestone awards, Most Enthusiastic Junior and Most Enthusiastic Senior in the Beef Project, Champion Herdsman, Distinguished Junior Beef Producer, Most Outstanding Jr. Superintendent, Best All- Around 4-H Member, Champion Heifer Showman, Steer of Merit award and the Beef Project Champion. In 2015 Alyssa received the inaugural Market Steer Production Award acknowledging that she raised her steer in the most efficient manner and received the greatest return for her hard work.

At Cassadaga Valley Central School Alyssa has participated in modified basketball, softball, and modified and JV Volleyball. She is also a member of the Cassdaga/Maple Grove Trap team. The Ellington Fire Department is lucky to have Alyssa serve as president of their Junior Firefighter team since 2010. Alyssa has also coordinated blood drives in Ellington with the Community Blood Bank from 2012-2015 and in 2012 received the Community Blood Bank Chairperson of the Year award. In 2014 Alyssa received the Outstanding Community Service Award from the Chautauqua County Fire Advisory Board. Active in Cassadaga’s FFA chapter, Alyssa currently serves as Vice President and has served as treasurer. She has competed at district and sub-state levels.

When Alyssa isn’t in the barn, shooting trap, fighting fires, volunteering in her community, or leading her 4-H club, you’ll find her working at Wegman’s. Alyssa, a senior, will be graduating in June and pursuing a degree in accounting from St. Bonaventure University.


Alyssa Crandall, April 4-H SuperYouth

March 2016

Elizabeth Comstock

Fourteen-year-old Liz Comstock has been in 4-H for seven years. She is a member of the Harmony Haystackers 4-H club in Panama where she has completed many blue-ribbon clothing and textiles, food and nutrition, photography, fine arts, creative crafts, cake decorating, leather craft, leadership and recycling project. Liz is currently the president of her club and has previously been secretary for four years. During club meetings Liz is always willing to help her fellow 4-H’ers complete their projects. She easily exemplifies, “heart”, one of the four pillars of the 4-H pledge.

Liz has proudly represented Chautauqua County at the Western District Style Review where she has modeled clothes that she created in the clothing and textiles project. She has also been selected for Western District Presentations where she had the opportunity to compete against 4-H’ers in the Western District for a spot at the State competition in Syracuse. Many of her club projects have been on display at the New York State Fair.

In the barn, you’ll most likely find Liz working with her market hogs although she has raised and shown sheep. Her dedication to the Hog Project has allowed her to be a Junior Superintendent in the Hog Barn at County Fair and she sits on the 4-H Hog Project Advisory Committee as a junior member. Liz has received the Jr. Project Champion, a points-based award that is a summation of the youth’s participation and the quality of the animal that they raise, for five years in a row.

As a Teen Ambassador. Liz is a leader among her peers. She is the face of 4-H to our county and state legislature. She is always willing to help and works well with the other Teen Ambassadors and her 4-H peers when there is a big job to get done—whether it’s 4-H Awards Night or County Fair setup.

Liz Comstock gives a tour of the 4-H Hog Barn at the 2015 Chautauqua County Fair. 

Liz is an involved freshman at Panama Central School where she is on the honor roll. She plays the flute and participates in chorus. Her dedication has given her the opportunity to participate in NYSSMA festivals in both band and chorus where she has scored Excellent and Outstanding. Liz has three school musicals under her belt as well. She’s active in Student Council and leads the IMPACT team. Recently Liz has traveled with the New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM) and Park United Methodist church to New York City for a mission’s trip.

Elizabeth Comstock is a youth who is dedicated to whatever she does—in and out of 4-H. She sets a great example for her peers and that is why she is the March 4-H SuperYouth.

February 2016

Branden Decker

Cornell Cooperative Extension Chautauqua County’s 4-H Youth Development Program connects youth to hands-on learning opportunities that help them grow into competent, caring, contributing members of society. In an effort to recognize the great things that 4-H youth accomplish, each month Cornell Cooperative Extension Chautauqua County will name a 4-H SuperYouth. This month we celebrate Branden Decker.

Branden Decker can be easily recognized in the show ring by his placing: near the top of the class. Branden has been a member of the Little Brokenstraws for 10 years where he has held the position of Vice President. He has also held the role of treasurer in the Fluvanna Farmyard Friends. Branden has participated in a variety of programs including the horse, hog, lamb, and beef animal projects. Within his club he has given eight public presentations. Branden enjoys cooking and creative crafts projects as well.

Branden has raised many grand and reserve champion animals. He places well in showmanship, proving that he can properly groom and show the many species that he raises.

Branden Decker with his Grand Champion Steer at the 2015 Chautauqua County Classic Show. 

Community service demands a lot of Branden’s time. He has read for Ag Literacy Week and has brought horses, chicks, pigs, and cows by bringing animals to a preschool to educate youth about animal care. Branden advocates for 4-H at various charity events. As a member of the Southwestern Maple Grove hockey team he took part in a donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House in Buffalo. At Southwestern High School Branden participated in the mock DUI accident hosted by the local S.A.D.D. chapter.

Outside of 4-H, Branden has been a part of the CCYHA travel hockey team and held the role of captain for many years. On the Southwestern Maple Grove hockey team he was an all-star team member. Branden participated on the Southwestern Trap Club and was also a Legacy Luncheon participant. The Chautauqua County Youth Orchestra is also one of Branden’s interests and he earned the honor of first chair string bass.

Branden is a freshman at Penn State Behrend and is studying agricultural education.

Branden Decker truly is a role model for others and is an advocate for 4-H. Congratulations, Branden, on being named February’s 4-H SuperYouth!

January 2016

Braden Lesch

Braden Lesch, a resident of Fredonia and an eight year member of the Canadaway 4-H Club, is January’s SuperYouth. Fifteen-year-old Braden is active in his club and has held the role of treasurer, vice president, and has been president for three years. He has participated in various life-skills programming including woodworking, ceramics, and community service. Braden excels in public speaking and has represented Chautauqua County 4-H at the New York State 4-H public speaking competition where he placed third for his Illustrated Talk, “Animal Intelligence.”

Braden is a seven year member of the 4-H Hog project and has completed two years in the Beef project. He has taken charge in the Hog project and was selected to be a Junior Superintendent at the 2015 Chautauqua County Fair. In 2015 he received a “Steer of Merit” award and received a County Medal in Communications and Expressive Arts and the Swine project. County Medals recognize youth who, by the recommendation of club and committee leaders, have completed mastery in a project.

Braden with his Bronze award at the New York State Illustrated Talk competition. 

Outside of 4-H, Braden is in 10th grade at Fredonia High School where he plays on the Boys Tennis Team and was on the 2014-2015 STEM Wars team that placed third in bridges category. Braden is active with the Fredonia First United Methodist Church Youth Group. He is a junior member of the Chautauqua County Beef Producers Association and the New York State and American Angus Association.

Trustworthy and hard-working, Braden Lesch truly represents the best qualities of a 4-H youth. Congratulations, Braden, and keep up the good work! 

Braden delivers his award-winning presentation on animal intelligence. 

December 2015

Sarah Osborne

Sarah Osborne, a Panama resident and 10 year member of Chautauqua County 4-H, is this month’s 4-H SuperYouth. Sarah began her 4-H journey in the rabbit project. She quickly decided that she was ready for more and joined the Steer project at age 9. Sarah has also participated in the 4-H Heifer project, market lamb, and market goat programs. She has taken an active role as a member of the Little Brokenstraws 4-H club where she has held the offices of secretary, vice president, and president. With her club she has participated in numerous community service activities as well as the sewing, crafts, foods, and cake decorating life skills projects.

Accolades come to Sarah quite easily. Not only can she grow a quality animal, she can then go on to show it to the best of its ability. In the beef project, Sarah has been awarded the Grand Champion Heifer Showman, Grand Champion Steer Showman, Reserve Grand Champion Market steer, (twice!), Reserve Champion Supreme Female, and was named the 2014-2015 Steer and Heifer Project Champion. After deciding to join the Market Lamb project, Sarah raised a winning pair of market lambs and placed at the top of her showmanship class. Sarah has been the recipient of both the Kris TeWinkle Spirit of 4-H Award as well as the Best All Around 4-H’er Award in memory of Kazan Mosher. This year she received the Paul Bridges, Chautauqua County Fair Association, and Stanley Weeks scholarships because of her involvement in 4-H and commitment to pursue a degree in agriculture.

Sarah Osborne and Ruby, the Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer at the 2015 Chautauqua County Fair. 

In the 4-H Youth Building, Sarah’s food projects have received multiple special judge’s awards and she has had craft projects selected for exhibit at the New York State Fair.

Leadership is another skillset that comes naturally to Ms. Osborne. Sarah has sat on the 4-H Beef Program Advisory Committee as a teen representative, participated as a junior superintendent at the Chautauqua County fair, and takes leadership roles in her club especially in the cake decorating project. Her initiative in the project earned her a County Medal in Leadership. Other 4-H’ers benefit from Sarah’s generosity too—she often helps others groom and practice showmanship techniques with their animals.

Sarah with her awards from the 2015 Chautauqua County Fair 4-H Herdsman Ceremony.

Outside of 4-H Sarah is active on her family farm, Shady Maple Farm. Her parents Joe and Kelly keep 10-12 breeding age cows and 1 bull for breeding on the farm. The cattle are Maine Anjou and Shorthorn breeds. They sell calves both private treaty for use as seed stock or for 4-H projects and have sold a number of heifers at the Coby Classic sale. In addition, they sell freezer beef direct from the farm. Sarah has shown cattle at regional shows such as Northwest Keystone Classic in Butler, PA, the NYJBPA Fall Festival in Cobleskill, NY, the New York Junior Beef Producers Association Spring Preview Show in Lockport, NY, the Walton Regional Livestock Show in Walton, NY, and the Empire Classic Show in Hamburg, NY. Sarah has also shown her cattle at the NY State Fair, and as a family they have shown cattle at the NY State Fair. Sarah’s farm has qualified three females for the Empire State Supreme Female Show that is held each year during the NY State Fair. Sarah has also shown sheep at the Walton Regional Show as well as sheep and hogs at the Hog and Lamb Preview Show in Hamburg, NY.

During her time at Panama Central School, Sarah participated in chorus, five school musicals, and the senior play. She earned varsity letters in swimming and softball and was captain of both teams her senior year.

Delaware Valley University is lucky to have Sarah as a freshman in their Animal Science program. She is a member of the Delaware Valley Block and Bridle Club and the Dairy Society. Sarah hopes to become a large animal veterinarian.

Congratulations to Sarah Osborne, 4-H SuperYouth! 


Kate Ewer
4-H Community Educator
716-664-9502 ext. 212

Last updated October 31, 2017